Daddy Found Me

A child I was. All I knew was rain rain go away, Little children want to play. I left home very early, Abandoned my chores, summoned my boys. They brought some balls. We headed the park. Everyone had a skill to display. We played and replayed. I hadn’t eaten, I wasn’t hungry. I was full … Continue reading Daddy Found Me

Take My Thoughts Far – Part One

A short poem to goose your thoughts... That was my first time; I never saw a lizard flying to catch a butterfly over the wall. How?   How uninteresting the world will be if we had just one colour to see. What interesting songs a womanizer will sing if it was right to wed every … Continue reading Take My Thoughts Far – Part One

What She Suffers

Wealthy, but childless. Healthy, but friendless. Rediculed here and there! Because the womb is bare. Branded... Silent at family sittings. What she suffers, not fitting. Sits in the garden. Wonders, am I barren? "Oh", she says, " what a burden". What she suffers, not fitting. Earnest prayers, what she offers. Answers ...she need, ...just tommorow. … Continue reading What She Suffers

Massage My Mind

When I want to massage my mind, I waste ink. With paper's help I goose my head, massage! As I sneeze ink, paper collects, cleans. I sneeze and the words adjust, lines rotate. I fill out the sheet and the lines go waste, massaging. Fingers grow weary............doodling. But my mind sees, sees beyond my eyes … Continue reading Massage My Mind

Blind Judges

They won't stop mocking you, friend. Because they see not the glorious end. Situations working for good has blinded them. Don't turn. Keep moving. Jesus, the reason for a good decision. The wise man to probe, invite Him. Our strength. The antidote to hopelessness today. Capable, Dependable. The owner of hay. Connect to Him your … Continue reading Blind Judges

Heaven Defines You

Heaven defines and crowns you with glory That glory should be your story You were made in His perfect and flawless image You are an embodiment of great potentials In Him, at age one-sixty, you will be relevant God has provisions in ample abundance To fill your lack, starving barns and cans Why worry? Oh! … Continue reading Heaven Defines You